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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of massage do I do?

I am a qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. The word sports in the title is a little misleading as you don't need to be an athlete to have muscular aches and pains.   It is essentially an advanced deep tissue massage that aims to provide a remedy to soft tissue injuries.  This is often what people expect when they ask for a deep tissue massage.  I look at the muscles that are used in any specific activity such as swimming, golf, tennis, running, holding a baby, working at a desk or playing an instrument.

Is this suitable for me?

If you have muscular aches and pains then the answer is almost certainly yes.  My clients range from professional & amateur athletes to office workers and manual workers to full-time carers and those that have permanent conditions or recent injuries.  I have had great success in treating people no matter how they have developed their condition.  If you are looking for a relaxing spa-type experience then the answer is probably no, although relaxation can be achieved as a result of tension being removed.  This type of massage is very firm and uncomfortable at times.  If you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition then consult your doctor about the suitability of this type of deep tissue massage.


Do you take card payments?

Yes.  I can accept all cards including Amex & Diner's Club and Google Pay and Apple pay.


What can you expect?

A deep tissue massage that focuses on the proper function and movement of your muscles.  This is likely to be very firm, and a little uncomfortable at times.  You can expect an improvement in your condition with each visit.  People often leave feeling much better, whilst others may experience an improvement over the next few days.  If you experience no improvement I can often recommend a good practitioner in another field that will be more suitable.


Where do I work from?

I work mostly from my home in in Cliftonville but I can do on-site treatments.  I am able to travel to you within the CT9 postal area.  Other areas are possible but I have to take into account my travel time and costs.

Why are you not listed on Treatwell, Groupon or Urban Massage, etc

In my opinion they take too much of a cut whilst overselling any offer you make. I want to be in control of my time and my business and I feel that these types of 3rd parties would negatively impact on my life and work.


Will my Health Insurance cover this?

Possibly, check the wording of your policy. My relevant qualification is BTEC Level 5 Sports & Remedial Massage from the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM). This qualification is now known as Soft Tissue Therapy.


How long have I been doing this?

Full time since September 2010.  During this time I have been mostly based in the N16 postal area but I have also worked briefly in the Czech Republic and Kenya and alongside the GB softball team.


What are my credentials?

I qualified at the London School of Sports Massage with a Level 5 (BTEC) Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist.  This is the highest practical qualification in the UK.  I also have an ITEC level 3 in Holistic Massage.  I don't offer holistic massage as a treatment but it has helped to shape my approach.


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