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I do a very firm and effective advanced deep tissue massage. This is not a relaxing spa experience.  It is about getting a positive result for your specific needs.  I will use a variety of massage techniques, some of which may cause temporary discomfort.  Many people describe this as 'good pain'.  I aim to do this within your tolerance level so always let me know if the pressure is too great as there are usually a range of methods I can use to get a positive result.  If you have any questions I'm happy to help.



I aim to improve the comfort, quality and range of your movement.  I can tailor a treatment to meet your needs and to target your specific problem areas.  I want you to notice an immediate improvement but results may take a few days to settle in.  The goal isn't relaxation but relaxation may be achieved as a pleasant side-effect.



My clients include actors, shop workers, parents, musicians, dancers, fitness instructors, builders, office workers and athletes of all abilities.  Whatever you do, or don't do, you are using your muscles.  Wherever you feel discomfort I can help to reduce muscular tension, improve mobility and recover faster from injuries.



I have had great success treating people with a wide range of problems including those recovering from operations, those training for events, arthritis, frozen shoulder, back problems, stiff necks and all kinds of muscular and soft tissue injuries and aches.  

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